SOMOD - Serverless Optimized Modules


Develop, Build, and Share your serverless applications with SOMOD. SOMOD provides a CLI toolset for modularizing the code for serverless infrastructure. The SOMOD is an open-source CLI available as an NPM package.

How SOMOD helps Serverless Application Development?

SOMOD provides a CLI toolset to develop and test serverless applications in smaller modules and then deploy these smaller modules together to the serverless platform.

A typical serverless application consists of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) and the actual code that runs in the backend. SOMOD helps to develop both the actual and infrastructure code in modules. SOMOD modules also contain code for UI along with backend code. During deployment, SOMOD combines code from all modules and creates deployment packages for serverless backend and UI.

Features of SOMOD

  • Create sharable and reusable modules
  • Easily extendable modules
  • Sharable UI code along with serverless code.
  • Serverless Optimized
  • Compatible with any module developed using SOMOD
  • Readily available modules from our library
  • Easy learning curve.

Are you new to SOMOD?

Check our Getting Started guide to start developing reusable Serverless Modules.

If you are an experienced user of SOMOD?

Check the Reference for detailed usage of SOMOD.

Want to contribute?

The Contribution guide on GitHub helps you make contributions to the SOMOD project.

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