Typescript Configuration in SOMOD Module

SOMOD's typescript configuration helps to compile the source code into the distributable format.

SOMOD uses a predefined set of typescript definitions in the tsconfig.somod.json file.

The content of the tsconfig.somod.json file is as follows

{ "compilerOptions": { "allowUmdGlobalAccess": true, "outDir": "build", "declaration": true, "target": "ES5", "module": "ESNext", "rootDir": "./", "moduleResolution": "Node", "esModuleInterop": true, "importHelpers": true, "skipLibCheck": true, "jsx": "react-jsx" }, "include": ["lib", "serverless", "ui"] }

Any extra configurations are allowed, but these configurations must be present and not altered.

Till now this guide explained the main concepts and project structure in the SOMOD module. In the next chapter, let us understand how to extend the capabilities of SOMOD using extensions.

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