SOMOD's ui Directory

The ui directory contains the pages and public assets of a NextJs project. NextJs is an all-in-one framework to develop, preview and deploy UI using react. SOMOD adds reusability and sharing features to NextJs.

project-root | +-- node_modules --+ | +-- module-a | | +-- build/ | | +--ui/ | FROM DEPENDENCIES | +-- pages/ | | +-- pages-data/ | | +-- public/ | | +-- config.json --+ | | +-- build/ --+ | +-- ui/ | | +-- pages/ | BUILD OUTPUT | +-- pages-data/ | | +-- public/ | | +-- config.json --+ | +-- ui/ --+ | +-- pages/ | | +-- pages-data/ | SOURCE | +-- public/ | | +-- config.yaml --+ | +-- pages/ --+ +-- public/ | PREPARED +-- .env | +-- next.config.js --+

The ui directory has four optional children

  • pages
    The pages in SOMOD are similar to NextJs's pages. SOMOD pages always have a .tsx extension.
  • pages-data
    The pages in NextJs allow the developer to write data fetching and UI components in the same file. But in SOMOD, data fetching is separated under the pages-data directory. A pages-data file must have a corresponding page under the pages directory.
  • public
    The public directory in SOMOD is similar to NextJs's public directory
  • config.yaml
    config.yaml defines a set of configurations this module needs. The config.yaml is explained in detail in its dedicated reference here.

SOMOD build command compiles typescript in ui/pages and ui/pages-data to produce javascript and type definitions under build/ui/pages and build/ui/pages-data respectively. The build command copies the files in ui/public to build/ui/public. ui/config.yaml is validated and converted into build/ui/config.json during the build.

SOMOD prepare command generates pages, public, .env, and next.config.js by combining all dependency modules. The namespace helps to resolve the conflicts when there is a page with the same name that exists in more than one dependency module.

In the next section, let's explore the structure of config.yaml.

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